On Lasco and Falling in Love

As 2016 came to an end and I edged closer to another birthday, I realized that I was developing an anxiety that I had thought was reserved for the ‘old girls’. I was turning 44, staring down the proverbial barrel of 50 and finally had to accept that I was aging.


For many ‘forty-somethings’ this is a period of mixed emotions including, but not limited to excitement, satisfaction, regret, contentment and fear. As a divorced, middle-aged, mother-of-two, I threw into that mix the additional concerns of loneliness and self-doubt. You see, although I was approaching 44, I honest-to-God, never felt a day older than 30, 31, maybe 35 tops. Until… a friend advised me that “we are no longer Grace™ products on the top shelf, but more like Lasco™ tucked away at the bottom.” I laughed hysterically at her analogy, but have to admit that I started believing it. I was now Lasco™. (No disrespect to the brand, but you get my drift).

To most of my peers, I was being ‘profound’ and ‘ridiculous’ – but I quickly learned that it’s easy to label people as such when your ducks are all neatly in their row.

Let me back up a bit. You see, I consider myself to be a casualty of the fairy tale era (that still exists btw) where my life was marked by a series of specific goals and milestones. High School diploma by age 16, University degree by 20, husband, home, 2.5 children, dog, cat and goldfish, yadda yadda yadda… The plans and dreams were perfect. But on my journey, somewhere around, ahmmm… University, I started to go off-track. (Sorry about that again Mummy & Daddy).

perfect-lifeMy free spirit began soaring to new heights and did so happily for almost 20 years. I traveled the world, broke a few rules, lived, loved, laughed, got married, had children, got divorced, started over and now… today at 44, I am here wondering where the time went, how it went so quickly and why no one warned me about this part of the plan. I didn’t sign up for this part. The sagging breasts, evaporating bank balance and empty bed were supposed to be on The Lifetime Channel™ only – not in real life – and certainly not MY life!

As I reconciled that the fairy tale (now just a plain old tale) was my new frame of reference, some pretty simple but amazing things happened. The people around me (those I often take for granted) reminded me what this journey is all about and helped me to refocus. Thankfully, I’m learning to be patient, because that’s not one of my God-given gifts. I’m learning (slowly) to live in the moment and most importantly, I’m falling in love with me again – because, yes I had fallen out of love with myself.

My friend Dwayne, who happens to be the best photographer this side of the Atlantic (I’m shameless when it comes to acknowledging his gift) agreed to my nagging request for a photo shoot to commemorate my upcoming birthday. I wanted a jaw-dropping, magazine cover worthy photo. He had one rule – no photoshop allowed. If I wanted a ‘hot’ body in the pic, I’d have to wear it naturally. And since that’s what I wanted, I worked for it. I had been working out for a while prior, but now re-energized, I toiled 4 days a week, at the mercy of the tyrants, I mean trainers at the gym. This was harder for me than most for two reasons: one, I’m naturally lazy and two, I didn’t really support my efforts by dieting. I HATE diets because inevitably, I have always reverted to my old habits and ended up much further behind ‘square one’. So that said, the only real dietary effort I made was to eliminate adding sugar, I don’t drink juices and I started chasing my white rum with water instead of Ting™.


Anyway…on the morning of my 44th birthday – December 1, 2016, I posted an amazing photograph. I was so frigging proud of myself! I enjoyed an overwhelmingly fantastic birthday and began embracing a new lease on my once Lasco life.

dwp10099-edit44 is indeed the new 24!

So there you have it. In 2017, I’m doing me – loud, proud and completely unconcerned about john public. On Christmas Day last, my 12-year-old son decided it was time for me to date again, so he signed me up for an online dating site. Hahaha. At first I thought it ludicrous, but then I figured – what the hell.  So now, I’m ‘dating’ again and guess what? I’m actually enjoying myself. Dates are complete with flowers, dinner and dancing… 2017 is not just looking up, it’s already up. (Insert happy dance here.)

So…cheers to friends who support, children who want a happy mother and Lasco™ rightfully taking its place as a number 1 brand.

If you’re interested in my journey, come along for the ride….


33 Replies to “On Lasco and Falling in Love”

  1. Awwwwww Mich, thanks so much for your article. It resonated with me on so many levels. Where DID the time go??? In my head I’m around 35. If I go partying one night, I feel 45 hahahaha. Keep doing you my darling. It’s true, at this age we seem to look around and seriously appreciate our support system. All the best with the online dating; don’t knock it until you try it!!! ☺ Just be cybersavvy and nuh send nuh $$$. Always love your spirit. You are an inspiration. Continue doing this blog please. It’s great to see one of this calibre from this side of the pond ☺. JM Flight Attendants, Souring to new heights!!


    1. DED! Just be cybersavvy and nuh send nuh $$$.!!!! If I laugh I ded! Thanks girl! I know – I think the scariest part is that it’s all happening so quickly. But we got this! Thanks for the vote of confidence. I’ll try to keep it up!


  2. woohoo!!! Love it!
    I identify with everything you say except I am looking squarely at 47 this year so 50 is so much closer for me. Gasp.
    Need to get me to the gym as well.
    Looking forward to more yay


    1. Girl, you are stunning as is! I think the scariest part is that it’s all happening so quickly. But…we got this! 50 will ROCK
      Thanks Gayle, for ALWAYS being there for me! Your support means the world to me and I want you to know that I appreciate you!

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  3. Mich- you are truly an inspiration! Not just because you are beautiful (and you truly are), but for how strong, brave and confident you are, is why I admire you. Thank you for sharing your experience. I love you lots!


  4. Awwww Mich, I love this…..I can identify with everything, I too had to learn to love myself and not care about what people think. I just love life now and actually looking forward to 50 (I have four years to go)……I just wish I could drag myself to a gym, but just like you I’m laaaaazy……if you look up lazy you are sure to see a picture of me cheezing away……lol…..but on a serious note…..continue on your journey girl, put God first, love yourself and your family and keep smiling……

    Love you girl,



    1. My son introduced me to Tinder which is global based on regional algorithms. I’ve since discovered that Tinder is more of a ‘hook-up’ site than a simple dating site. I now wonder how my 12-year-old knew about this before me!


  5. Yes Young lady….You still have it and you look absofreakinglutely fabulous.
    This is the time for Love and I hope it finds you!!!

    Live Love Celebrate and enjoy your life!!!!

    Fr: over40 fabulous & in love!!!!


  6. I LOVED this piece. I feel like I’m 29. My 8yr old, my business, and my granny boobs (most of all) remind me that I am far from it. You inspire me though, to embrace it all. Congratulations on this blog and your new found freedom.



  7. Your honesty is inspiring.
    I have just recently started to buy Lasco cornflakes (yummy) so completely relate😊
    Thanks for this article.


  8. If ever there was an analogy that suits someone…like fine WINE you improve with age (body and bouquet)…I want whatever you are having girl (lol)!!

    Anyways if you really want to know about the getting to 50 bit, just give me a call. In the mean time (and you probably know this already)…to relieve stress do yoga or at least drink WINE in your yoga pants!!


  9. I can also relate……where did the time go????I am staring at 43 and I dont feel a day over 30. The self doubt is our sabateur. It is so comforting to know that its not just me. We are all in this together. This journey of self love and acceptance is rocky but the most rewarding ones are (atleast thats what I tell myself). Head up my forty somethings and enjoy the ride. Thanks Michelle for reminding us that we are not alone.

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  10. What is encouraging is not only knowing that others are going through their own journey, but that you have shared yours creating a space for others to share theirs as well. You are an inspiration Michelle – thank you.
    There is a sort of awakening that happens in your forties and it feels good. Here’s to the Lasco group…at least we still on the shelf!

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